How to Help Your Kids Make a Top-Secret Time Capsule for Their ...

What are you doing during lock down? Are you helping your families? Are you learning at home? Are you enjoying family time? Have you learnt anything new? Have you thought about how you are going to save your memories? You could make a Time Capsule!

To make a Time Capsule, you could keep a diary of your daily activities, or use the letter template to write to yourself. You then put them in a box, along with things you have made or pictures you have taken or drawn, school work you have completed, recipes you have cooked, or anything else you would like to include, and when you return to school, seal your box and put it away.

The idea is to keep your Time Capsule and open it again in many years time, i.e. when you are 16 years old and remind yourself of what you did in 2021.

We have made a template for a letter (CLICK HERE to print it off), that you can either write straight onto, or use to help you with ideas of what to put in your letter.

You can fill in All About Me with words or pictures and put that in too! (CLICK HERE to print it off)

          letter template                                                  All About Me