Strategic Vision and Values

The staff and governors at Denbigh Primary School are committed to the provision of an outstanding education for all of its pupils; underpinned by an engaging and exciting curriculum promoting the understanding of common key values.

Key values:


Learning to develop research and lifelong learning skills are fundamental to developing students’ self-reliance, independence and ability to identify, investigate and solve problems.


Resilience operates within the social framework of daily life. It is an ability to develop positive bonds with peers, manage small challenges, and trust one’s responsibility.


Well developed communication skills are vital to a child’s academic success. At all levels of education, students must be able to communicate effectively.


The quality of thinking carefully about how to do something so that it is effective; and of being kind and thinking about other people’s needs.


By working cooperatively, pupils are able to develop skills of individual responsibility, interdependence, equal participation and interaction.


Be tolerant and respectful of other beliefs and views contrary to their own, and be able to identify and combat discrimination.