The Mathematics Curriculum at Denbigh Primary School

Curriculum Leader: 

Lisa Morris

Curriculum Team Members: 

Ahsan Ahmed

Sarah Emerton

Nichola Sherry

Abby Ishaque

Curriculum Vision:

At Denbigh Primary School, Mathematics is an engaging, creative and highly interconnected discipline where pupils have a wealth of opportunities to develop their understanding of mathematics in a safe environment. The educators at Denbigh Primary School have a love of teaching mathematics and provide pupils with a rich, broad and balanced curriculum based on the tested Singapore methods shown in the Inspire Maths programme. Pupils at Denbigh Primary School are enthusiastic, resilient and cooperative learners who achieve and exceed in an exciting, engaging environment.


During their time at Denbigh, pupils will;

  •  Have the opportunity to develop their understanding of mathematics through concrete, pictorial and abstract representations.
  •  Become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, building on their prior knowledge and always challenging themselves further.
  •   Have a wealth of mathematical vocabulary which can be applied and used in their everyday life.
  •  Develop into resilient learners, who are not afraid of challenges and always thrive on them.
  • Be able to apply their mathematics understanding to support them in solving reasoning problems.
  •  Have the opportunity to talk about their maths in every single lesson to ensure that they are developing their understanding and justifying.
  • Have opportunities to apply learnt mathematical skills in different contexts across the curriculum. 

Mathematics Long Term Plan