The English Curriculum at Denbigh Primary School

Curriculum Leader: 

Rebecca Hilton

Curriculum Team Members: 

Claire Lassman

Rebecca Beer

Victoria Spurgeon

Gemma Young

Salina Begum


Curriculum Vision:

Everyday, we strive to create a passionate reading community as we know that confident readers become successful life-learners.  Our reading journey begins from day one of school where children receive systematic teaching of phonics through Read Write Inc. which continues until each child reaches fluency.  Every child is taught a range of comprehension strategies from the outset so that they can make sense of both written and visual media.

Books are the heart of our school and our libraries provide access to wide-ranging, high-quality age-appropriate texts.  We nurture a love of books by sharing and recommending texts to suit the individual reader thereby ensuring that they will see reading as a life-long skill which they take with them to high school.  This is helped by choosing both fiction and non-fiction books that are closely linked to the wider curriculum.  Books are given high priority in each classroom and are constantly being updated.  Each day there is dedicated time for reading aloud to the class allowing all children to access and enjoy high quality texts.

Our assessment tools ensure that we identify the needs of specific readers and structured interventions are put in place to diminish gaps. This is supported by  investing in books with age appropriate content at all reading levels. 


English Long-Term Plan