More work from our talented artists!




We asked year 6 to think about environmental issues and how the plight of the world could be represented inside a light bulb. We had some amazing examples that we wanted to share with you.


Year 6 Artists to keep an ‘eye’ on!

During the last week of term, we asked the children to work on observational drawing and to then create a drawing of an eye.  We have been astonished by the artistic skill of some of our children.  Take a look at their work!  Well done, Eesa and Eshal!


We have also been taking some inspiration from the world of Disney.  We asked the children to study how animators at the Disney studio created the characters.  These are some of the results. Well done to Jannat and Aysha!




And some of our students have been inspired to continue with their drawing independently!  Well done Reai!


Just a little imagination

This week, we challenged year 6 pupils to use toilet roll tubes to create a work of art and I have been blown away with how creative and imaginative some of our children are.  Here are some of the highlights so far:


Celebrities #StayHomeWorkout


Joe Wicks

The body coach live at 9am every weekday on YouTube – workout for the whole family – (Friday 27th March workout)


Oti Mabuse

Live dance class via Facebook or YouTube Live – every day at 11.30am.  No dance experience needed. The dances this week have all been themed and include Mary Poppins, Trolls and Aladdin – (Mary Poppins)


Max Whitlock 

Live gymnastics sessions on YouTube – Tuesdays & Fridays at 3.30pm – workout for the whole family and then a separate squad gymnast session – starts Tuesday 31st March

Physical Challenges

60 Second challenges from the Youth Sport Trust

Air Balloon Challenge

Around the World Challenge

Bean Bag Throw Challenge

Bunny Jump Challenge

Burpees Challenge

Catch and Clap

Climb the Mountain Challenge

Fast Feet

Figure of 8 Challenge

Obstale Challenge

Skipping Challenge

Socks in the Box

Speed Bounce Challenge

Star Jumps Challenge

Squat Jump Challenge

Step Ups Challenge

Super Slalom Run Challenge

Tap Up Tennis Challenge

Tuck In Tuck Out Challenge

The Plank Challenge

PE Home Learning

PE Activities from the Youth SportTrust

Home PE Battleships

Home PE Battleships Level 2

Home PE Blast Off

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Home PE Continuous Battleships

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Home PE Treasure Chest

Home PE Wacky Races



Question: If you were Prime Minister, how would you make our country healthier in body and mind?

Write your response in no more than three paragraphs or record and edit a short video explaining your answer.