Speech & Language Activities



Does your child know the name of these animals? This colouring sheet will be a good way to introduce and talk about some of these animals!


Farm Animals – Matching activity

Simply cut out the pictures of the young animals in this resource for a lovely matching activity.


Fruit Words Mat


Sorting Fruits and Vegetables

This is a great way to help the children sort items into the correct category



This is a fun way for your child to familiarise him/herself with different weather conditions and the appropriate clothes to wear with this handy clothes sorting activity. The resources features three A4 display posters; “Rainy”, “Snowy” and “Sunny” and 18 different cards each with a different clothing item on. Can they sort the clothes onto the appropriate weather condition?


Pack a Suitcase!

This fun and handy cutting and sticking activity gives your children the opportunity to show how much they’ve learned about clothing for different seasons/countries.





Prepositions Matching Cards

A set of handy matching cards featuring a variety of positional language and accompanying images.


Preposition Powerpoint Activity – What’s the Position

This is a great powerpoint to identify and teach the position of common things.


Prepositions Cut and Paste activity

A great cut and paste activity to help students identify the position of familiar animals. This task can be completed as a whole class, in small groups or individually.


Listening Activity

To work on your child’s understanding of prepositions as well as listening skills!



Following Directions

The following activities are designed to help improve your child’s understanding of key words. Each activity has instructions which contain ‘key words’ that a child must understand in order to follow the instruction correctly. You may also want to develop your child’s expressive language by taking in turns to give instructions.

Listening to 2 key word instructions

Listening to 3 key word instructions

Listening to 4 key word instructions


Wh- Questions

These different scenarios and accompanying question cards will familiarise your child with how questions are asked and the essential ‘Wh-‘ question words such as Who, What, Where and When. Answering these questions will also help them learn to infer things from their surroundings and gather information effectively. Picture Scenes and ‘Wh-‘ Questions contains:

  • BBQ Scene and Wh Questions.pdf

  • Beach Picnic Scene and Wh Questions.pdf

  • Birthday Party Scene and Wh Questions.pdf

  • Breakfast Scene and Wh Questions.pdf

  • Cafe Scene and Wh Questions.pdf



Why and Because Scene cards

This activity is aimed to support and develop the use and understanding of the question word ‘why’. The questions are designed to address situations that students might be familiar with. The pictures and answers also aim to support and develop making inferences by showing the part of the picture that is important to be able to answer the question.



Listening Activity

What am I? These cards aim to support drawing inferences as part of a guessing game.


Speech Sounds

Do you need some new ideas to support your child’s speech sounds? Feel free to use the resources given by your Speech and Language Therapist and try out these games!

Basic Concepts

This set of cards aims to support the understanding of a range of basic concepts. The cards can be used in a range of activities to support the understanding of basic concepts for example, in conjunction with real objects.

Basic Concepts Set 1

Basic Concepts Set 2

Basic Concepts Set 3


Is your child using he for she, and she for he? These cards can be used to support the use and understanding of pronouns. The pictures used in each set are the same, with the only difference being the pronoun. These cards can be used for matching, pairs, snap, Go Fish games.

More Ideas to work on following instructions with toys and objects from home, please visit:



Are you finding it difficult to explain about the Coronavirus to your child?

This story written by Carol Gray will hopefully be useful in sharing more information about this pandemic.

Here is another child friendly explanation of the Coronavirus which allows you to discuss and explore your child’s thoughts about this pandemic.

Visual Supports for Speech Sounds fricatives

These pictures are great to support children with their speech sounds. If you have any concerns about your child’s speech sounds, please speak to a speech and language therapist!

Speech & Language Resources

General Resources

Basic Concept 1

Basic Concept 2

Basic Concept 3

Child Friendly Explanation of Coronavirus

Farm Animals – Matching activity

Pack a suitcase


Pets Colouring Sheets

Prepositions Cut and Match activity

Prepositions Matching Cards

Pronouns he she it 1

Sorting Fruit and Vegetables

Speech Sounds Game Ideas

Why and Because

What Am I – Food

What Am I – in the house

What Am I – school

Key Words

Two Key Word Level

Listen and Do 1 – Two Word Level

Listen and Do 2 – Two Word Level

Listen and Do 3 – Two Word Level

Three Key Word Level

Listen and Do 1 – Three Word Level

Listen and Do 2 – Three Word Level

Listen and Do 3 – Three Word Level

Four Key Word Level

Listen and Do 1 – Four Word Level

Listen and Do 2 – Four Word Level

Listen and Do 3 – Four Word Level

Five Key Word Level

Listen and Do 1- Five Word Level

Listen and Do 2 – Five Word Level

Listen and Do 3 – Five Word Level

Higher Level

Listen and Do 1 – Higher Level

Listen and Do 2 – Higher Level

Listen and Do 3 – Higher Level

Listen and Do 4 – Higher Level