Being Empathetic

Your Task:


We would love to see what being empathetic means to you and your families, especially during Ramadan and the current pandemic.


  • Is it charity? E.g. Iftar during Ramadan?

  • Helping out others with groceries?

  • Spending time with people who are lonely e.g. through video calls?

  • Fasting?

  • You can write your answers, or make a poster. We would also love to see photos or films. You can do this as a whole family if you want.

  • It can be a serious answer or a more fun answer (something that might make your teacher laugh) but please make sure your answer is respectful.

  • Send your answers and pictures to

  • Deadline for your submissions: Wednesday 20th May 2020.

Ramadan Mubarak to all

This term’s topic in RE is Who is Muslim? What do they believe and how do they live?

We would like you to be as creative as you can be through the use of videos, photographs, arts and crafts or retelling stories. As Ramadan is expected to take place during 24th April – 24th May you may want to write about the importance in Ramadan to Muslims and if you or your family take part you might want to create a diary, mendhi patterns, build a 3d mosque, create a sadaqah jar, make food. We would love to recieve photos of you and your families together breaking your fast and pictures of your creations during this special time.

Can you make a Ramadan Advent Calendar for your family? Follow the link and add your own ideas of how to decorate each day. You can use photos, draw a different picture for each day, add collage materials or even write a special message for your family members to read every time they open their fast!


You could create the Muslim symbol of the star and moon, perform nasheeds, share the words of the ‘Shahdah’  or create poems about the importance of Allah to Muslims or create a word bank of the 99 names for Allah


You could listen to stories of Muhammad  retell the stories/ draw story maps/ discuss what they stories teach Muslims about what they believe in about God? And how Muslims live?


Create instructions about how Muslims treat the Qur’an.

We look forward to seeing all your amazing projects and hope those taking part in Ramadan and celebrating Eid we wish you have the best time and remember to stay safe.