Being Empathetic

Your Task:


We would love to see what being empathetic means to you and your families, especially during Ramadan and the current pandemic.


  • Is it charity? E.g. Iftar during Ramadan?

  • Helping out others with groceries?

  • Spending time with people who are lonely e.g. through video calls?

  • Fasting?

  • You can write your answers, or make a poster. We would also love to see photos or films. You can do this as a whole family if you want.

  • It can be a serious answer or a more fun answer (something that might make your teacher laugh) but please make sure your answer is respectful.

  • Send your answers and pictures to

  • Deadline for your submissions: Wednesday 20th May 2020.

Introduction to Africa – Nigeria

Learn about Nigeria – its environment and culture, with an introduction to the wider continent of Africa including South Africa.

This lesson includes:

  • one animation introducing Nigeria – its environment and culture

  • one animation introducing the wider continent of Africa

  • one animation about the South African landmark of Table Mountain

  • a list of key words to help describe places

  • three activities to build on the knowledge

75th Anniversary of VE Day

This Friday, 8th May, it is the 75th Anniversary of VE Day (Victory in Europe). Whilst the official celebrations have sadly been postponed, we can all still mark this day at home!

The BBC have out together some resources and ideas for decorations you can make, including your own Great British Bunting, to make this day special.

Follow the link above to take you to the resources!


VE Day 2020 school ideas for parents who are homeschooling

Monet’s poppies

As Friday this week is the 75th anniversary of VE Day, your art work challenge is to create your own version of Monet’s ‘Poppies’ painting.

You could use pencils, felt tips, crayons, paint, chalks, pastels, the choice is yours!

Here are some examples.

Don’t forget to send in photos of your art work to share on our Home Learning Gallery.

Butterfly art work – how will you create yours?

Paint it and fold it, draw it and colour it, how will you create your butterfly art?

You will find these pictures in the new Home Packs to use, or use your own paper. You could even make a family of different size butterflies, the choice is yours!