Writing challenge – taken from the new Home Learning Packs given out

Hi Everyone, 

Can you answer these two questions about how you feel having this time away from school? Write your own in your Home learning books or on paper. 

Here are some examples:


What makes you happy being at home?

  • I enjoy spending time with my dogs Teddy and Darcie 
  • I like to wake up without an alarm clock 
  • I love to have a cooked breakfast in the mornings  


What do you miss about school?

  • I miss seeing the Year 1 teachers everyday
  • I miss seeing all the children in 1RM 
  • I miss teaching my favourite subject PE

Using capital letters and full stops when writing postcards


In your new home learning packs you have some postcard templates. This lesson will help you to write your postcard, ensuring you write in full sentences with a capital letter and full stop.

Home learning focus

To be able to correctly use capital letters and full stops when writing statements in a postcard.

This lesson includes:

  • a video to help you write statements

  • a recap on capital letters and full stops

  • three activities to do at home