Thank you so much for sending in your home learning photos.
It’s been so long since we were all together so these photos really do put smiles on our faces 😊🌈

Home learning with a smile!

A wonderful message received today showing lots learning opportunities at home during this time.
“We have been trying to stay positive and enjoying lockdown by utilising our time doing various projects.
We have enjoyed studying about spring, (we have been doing a project on it and have planted flowers keeping a tab on the growth) and especially cooking/baking.
We write the recipes as we go in order to develop the understanding of sequencing, spellings, methods, recalling information etc.
It seems to be going well!
Here are a few photos we thought we could share!”
Well done and keep smiling!

Welcome back!

Hi everyone,

We hope you all have been enjoying the sunshine over the last couple of weeks. I know it has helped me feel brighter during these strange times. I thought I would share some pictures from walks recently.

I saw this drawing from the author of a book I was given at Christmas, Charlie Macksey.

I also received more photos of children learning at home, thank you!

Take care all and stay safe,

Miss Young