Types of Determiner – Tricky!

Possessive determiners – Who does it belong to?

Ordinals – Putting things into order (first, fourth etc.)

Articles – The, a, an

Numbers – Numbers!

Quantifiers – How many? (Some, many, all)

Demonstrative – Which ones? (Those, these, that)

Interrogative – Ask a question (what one? Which one?)


Eid Mubarak

Ramadan is coming to an end and Eid is in sight.

Choose an activity that you would like to do in preparation for Eid.

Click on the appropriate link and print for each activity.


Design an Eid Outfit

CLICK HERE for a template

(design a dress or a shirt on a piece of paper, or use the template above)

 Make Eid Biscuits

CLICK HERE for the recipe

(click on the link above to follow the recipe)

 Design a Mehndi Pattern

CLICK HERE for some ideas

(draw around you hand and click on the link to see and draw some mehndi designs)

 Make an Eid bunting to decorate your house.

CLICK HERE for Eid bunting

(click on the link, cut the triangles and attach it to a ribbon before hanging it up,

or design your own)


The EYFS team wish you all a happy and blessed day with your family and friends.

Eid Mubarak! 




Money Sorting- Ramadan Activity

Mrs Begum is sorting out her money so she can give to charity. Charity is when people give their own money to poor people.

Mrs Begum has sorted some of her coins out. Here are some coins she is giving to charity.

Can you have a look at home and help an adult sort some coins out.
Make a pile of each different coin and see how many you can find of each.
An adult then can help you count the total amount of coins you have found!
This word mat will help you recognise each coin.
You can also play this game to support your coin recognition.
Remember to send some pictures of you busy sorting your coins!