Money Sorting- Ramadan Activity

Mrs Begum is sorting out her money so she can give to charity. Charity is when people give their own money to poor people.

Mrs Begum has sorted some of her coins out. Here are some coins she is giving to charity.

Can you have a look at home and help an adult sort some coins out.
Make a pile of each different coin and see how many you can find of each.
An adult then can help you count the total amount of coins you have found!
This word mat will help you recognise each coin.
You can also play this game to support your coin recognition.
Remember to send some pictures of you busy sorting your coins!

Treasure Hunts!!! – A new one every week! Shape Hunt

Don’t forget you can email in pictures of what you have been doing to Mrs Smith (Reception pupils) or Miss Young (Yr 1 pupils) – check your parentmail from your teachers for the address.

Find the other hunts each week – for Reception they are in our Creative & the World Menu – or if you are Year 1 they are in the IPC menu

Maths Ideas – week beginning 20.04.20

3D Shapes

CLICK HERE for a 3D shape exploring game – its easy, all you have to do is collect some different objects from your home – for example a tin, a bar of chocolate, a box, and see if they roll down a ramp. You can make your ramp from a book and lego.

3D Shape Cliparts | Free Download Clip Art | Free Clip Art | On ...


Building Challenge

What can you build using 3D shapes?

You could use wooden blocks, lego, or anything else you may have at home.

Can you build any animals?

Can you name the shapes that you use?

Wooden Building Blocks "Zoo": Toys & Games