Maths Challenge – week beginning 13.07.20

Supporting your child to prepare for their transition into Year One


When the children move on from Reception into Year One, we aim to have taught them certain Maths Skills that will support them with their transition.

During these unprecedented times, whether your child has been in school or you have been helping them at home, all of our pupils will have had different experiences. September will be another different experience for them as they have been unable to visit classrooms and meet their new teachers yet.

If you are able to support your child with home schooling, we have compiled a list of Maths Skills that would help them as they move into Year One, however, please do not worry if your child has any difficulty with any of these tasks, we will be working on them in September.

  • to count forwards and backwards to 20, from any given number.
  • to recognise the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20
  • to order 0-20
  • to say what is one more or one less than a number between 0-20
  • to add and subtract two numbers, with the answer being within 0-20. They can use objects, or count on/back
  • to know how to find double or half of a number 0-20.


  • to recognise, name and describe : square, triangle, rectangle, oval, star, heart, circle
  • to continue a pattern, i.e. draw : red circle, yellow circle, red circle, whats next?
  • to talk about time, i.e. yesterday I ….., tomorrow i will ……
  • to compare objects or order objects by weight or size
  • to talk about capacity, money, distance and position
    • i.e. my cup is half full
    • recognising coins/playing shops
    • how many steps away is the door?
    • where is the teddy? under, above, next to, in front of, behind, etc

Maths Challenge – week beginning 06.07.20


Let your child look at the coins and notes you may have at home.

Can they recognise any of them?

How do they feel? Are they all the same shape? Can you order them by size?

CLICK HERE to play a game of recognising coins (ensure you do the UK flag version)

You could also play shop – give your child some coins and ask them to choose something to buy. Give them a price that is the same as a coin, i.e. 5p. Can they recognise the coin they need?

Maths Challenge – week beginning 29.06.20

How Many Feet?

Teach your child to measure using their feet by putting one in front of the other, heel to toe.

Leg and ankle exercise - heel to toe / tandem stance - YouTube

Can they measure objects in your house, or on your daily walk?

How many feet is:

  • your bed?
  • a rug?
  • the settee/sofa?
  • one of your toys?
  • the living room?
  • the door?
  • your house?

Which is the longest? Which is the shortest? Are any the same?

Maths Challenge – week beginning 15.06.20

Don’t forget you can email in pictures of what you have been doing to Mrs Smith (Reception pupils) or Miss Young (Yr 1 pupils) – check your parentmail from your teachers for the address.

Find the other hunts each week – for Reception they are in our Creative & the World Menu – or if you are Year 1 they are in the IPC menu

Money Sorting- Ramadan Activity

Mrs Begum is sorting out her money so she can give to charity. Charity is when people give their own money to poor people.

Mrs Begum has sorted some of her coins out. Here are some coins she is giving to charity.

Can you have a look at home and help an adult sort some coins out.
Make a pile of each different coin and see how many you can find of each.
An adult then can help you count the total amount of coins you have found!
This word mat will help you recognise each coin.
You can also play this game to support your coin recognition.
Remember to send some pictures of you busy sorting your coins!