Maths Ideas – week beginning 18.05.20

Can you help the animals to fill in the missing numbers?

Can you count to 10?

Can you count to 20?

Can you write the numbers 1-20 on your own?

Challenge your child to write numbers, this could be with post it notes, or paper, or give them some lined paper and ask them to make the numbers with any objects around the house. Encourage them to do this for numbers 1-10, then 1-20 if possible.

Video’s to help with maths – ordering, one more, one less and mathematical problems

Placing number cards in order 1-10

Finding one more than a given number

Finding one less than a given number

Solving a mathematical problem

Maths Ideas – week beginning 11.05.20

Colour by Calculation!

This week, you have to work out the answers to the calculations, find it in the colour key and colour in with that colour!

You can also make these yourself using your own colouring pictures – ask an adult to write some calculations for you.

monster addition to 10

addition and subtraction to 10 unicorn

subtraction superhero to 10

addition and subtraction to 10 

addition and subtraction superhero to 20

addition and subtraction monster to 20

minibeast addition to 10, 20 or 30


Cereal Addition or Subtraction

You could do this with cheerios, spaghetti and blu tack, or playdough, or adapt using what you have at home!

Using Cheerios and fine motor control to solve addition problems ...

Maths Ideas – week beginning 04.05.20

Colour by Number

Click Below for colour by number pictures. You can also make your own, just write numbers in different sections of a colouring page and choose the colours to use for each numbers.

colour by number 1-5

colour by numbers 1-10

colour by numbers 8-20

Challenge Questions:

Make sure to ask your children which number it is they are colouring.

Can they count to this number?

Can they count backwards from this number?

What is one more?

What is one less?

Dice Addition Game!

Three in a row

You will need: 2 dice A colouring pencil

The aim of the game is to get 3 of your numbers in a row first. Take turns to roll the two dice, add the numbers together and colour in that number on your board.

The first to get 3 numbers in a row across or down their board, wins.

CLICK HERE to more game boards that you could print off or copy onto paper.


Maths Ideas – week beginning 27.04.20

Maths Hunt number challenge:

Find a number in your home and take a picture with it.

Can you find this amount of one of your toys? Or can you draw this amount of stars?

Take a picture with the number and your objects and if you can send them to Mrs Smith (my email was sent in a parentmail from you Reception teachers) and we will create a Number Hunt page on our Home Learning Gallery!

Make your own game:

Make some calculations on a piece of paper, or make your own board game.

Label your cars or lego with numbers, and try to match them to the calculations you have made. You can ask an adult to make the calculations to challenge you more!

Maths Ideas – week beginning 20.04.20

Broken Maths

The early years maths activity: – Valentine Math Activity – Broken Heart Numbers by Fun a Day

Simply cut out some hearts or other shapes and cut each in half using different zigzags, squiggles and so on. Then write a number on one side and draw a corresponding number of hearts on the other. Well done, you’ve just created puzzles! Now it’s time for the little ones to find matching parts.

Further Challenge:

Write addition or subtraction calculations on one half, and the answer on the other half, they can draw dots or count using toys.

i.e 5+4 = ?

? = 6 – 1

What you need –

  • Paper
  • Pencils


Setting the table

Ask your children to set the table for a meal – how may cups, plates, forks, spoons do you need?

Key Questions:

How many forks and spoons altogether?

How many would I need if we had 6 people coming instead?

What you need –

  • Kitchen items
Setting the Table 101: Your Ultimate Guide to Creating a ...



Ideas adapted from:

Maths Ideas – week beginning 13.04.20


The early years maths activity: – Number Dots and Easy Touch And Count Activity by Busy Toddler

Tape some baking paper to the wall and write several numbers, each decorated with as many dots as the number. Now, children can touch each dot with a felt tip and see the number and the quantity all together! You can also put the paper on the floor but holding a marker up and out makes this not only an activity for early years maths but also a good way to strengthen those little arm muscles.

What you need –

  • Paper
  • Felt Tips

Egg Cracking

The early years maths activity: – Egg Cracking Counting Activity by Modern Preschool

Create ‘eggs’ by cutting out oval shapes from cardboard and write different numbers on them. Let the kids identify the numbers and crack the eggs by punching the corresponding number of holes in them. This exercise can also help develop hand muscles.

If you don’t have a hole punch, they can draw the correct amount of dots on them.

Further Challenge:

Write addition or subtraction calculations on for them to work out the answers and write it, they can draw dots or count using toys.

i.e 5+4 = ?

? = 6 – 1

What you need –

  • Cardboard
  • Hole Punch
  • Felt Tips
  • Scissors

Musical Maths

The early years maths activity: – Top 10 Counting Songs by Super Simple Songs – Kids Songs

According to the BBC “When children are singing they are taking in information and training the brain but they don’t think they are, they think they are just having fun. Singing is an aerobic activity that boosts oxygenation in the bloodstream, increasing mental alertness”. We agree! Check out these 10 lovely songs to give it a go.