Grow Your Own Cress

Grow your own cress

You will need:

  • Cress seeds
  • Cotton wool

To plant your seeds:

  1. Put damp cotton wool inside a cup, egg or empty yoghurt pot
  2. Put seeds on cotton wool
  3. Place on a windowsill and water daily

While your cress is growing you can:

Draw pictures of your seeds growing

Write a diary each day for your seeds

Decorate your cup/egg/yoghurt pot e.g drawing a face

Take a picture of your seeds growing


Don’t forget to send us photos of how your seeds are growing; we would love to see them!

Ramadan Activity 2 – Helping an adult

Don’t forget, our Ramadan activities could be in any subject area, check each area every Thursday to find the newest one!

Helping someone is a kind act. During special times it is important to help someone.

Think of ways you can help at home during meal time. Here are some ideas:

Help an adult set the table for dinner time. Think about the items you will need for the table. 


Help an adult cook
Remember to send some pictures of you helping an adult during your meal time.

Being Active Challenge!

Have you tried Joe Wicks PE? CLICK HERE

Or Andy’s Wild Workout? CLICK HERE

Or have you danced around the living room?

Been for a walk?

Learnt to ride a bike?

We would love to see  your pictures or videos and add them to our Home Learning Gallery.

(Please only send photos or videos to Mrs Smith that you are happy to be uploaded to the website)

We are challenging all of Reception to make sure they do something active everyday.

You could teach your family the Bean Game, or make up some of your own Beans!